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Today’s GPUs are so capable you might not even consider that off-the-shelf you could be leaving performance on the table. Indeed, if you thought you were “locked in” to the performance limits of your Radeon GPU at the time of purchase, know this: You can “unlock” more performance and even more eye-candy to bring your graphics to another level. We’ll show you how free, easy, and fun it is to “boost” your GPU! (To learn more about today’s graphics hardware, see our roundup of the best GPUs for PC gaming.)

Radeon Boost

Like the name implies, Radeon Boost is a variation on the resolution-altering tools that increase GPU performance intelligently. It will take its cues from movement on the screen, as opposed to a traditional frames-per-second metric. With this, it can give your GPU an FPS boost by lowering the resolution when you’d least notice it, such as when there is big action occurring on the screen.


Not every game will support it, however. It’s supported in select DX11 titles such as Overwatch, and PUBG, and in DX12 titles such as Cyberpunk 2077.

Activating Radeon Boost is simple: First, open AMD Radeon Software and go to the gaming tab. From there, you’ll select a supported game, and see the tab to activate Radeon Boost as you scroll down. You’ll also find these global options under Settings >Graphics. That’s it!

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Radeon Chill

If you’re not after ultimate power, but rather a cooler GPU with lower power consumption, there’s Radeon Chill. Effectively it’s the opposite of Radeon Boost; when there’s minimal movement on the screen it will lower your FPS. This will conserve power when you’re idle, and as soon as action starts, performance will ramp right back up. You can also set the minimum and maximum frame rates—so you’re within your desired range. With GPUs such as the Radeon RX 6900 XT putting out over 300 watts, this will make your gaming even more efficient. (And keep your room cooler, too!) You’ll find it in the same menu in AMD’s Radeon Software as Radeon Boost, and it works for most titles.

Radeon Anti-Lag

You don’t have to be a professional e-sports player to appreciate fast response times in gaming. Input lag can be a real bummer and take you out of the action. Lag is the interval between the moment you click your mouse or tap your keyboard to when your action registers on the screen.

There are various ways you can improve input lag: a high refresh rate/low response time monitor, a low-latency internet connection, a fast gaming mouse, and through software tweaks. That’s where Radeon Anti-Lag comes in, found in the Graphics section of the AMD Radeon Software. You’ll be able to set response times per game, or globally as well.

Competitive shooting games such as Quake: …….


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