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Source: Michael Hicks / Android Central

Ever since Microsoft launched Xbox Cloud Gaming on phones and PCs with huge gaming libraries and reliable performance, some people have speculated whether Microsoft would need to sell more hardware in the future. If cloud gaming works well enough, it’ll ensure limited Xbox Series X|S stock won’t stop anyone from playing the latest games, even on old hardware.

Halo Infinite, arguably the biggest game from Microsoft and on Xbox Game Pass this year, exhibits how far cloud gaming has come, but also how far it still has to go. For now, Halo Infinite multiplayer is playable but not competitively playable; when every millisecond counts, cloud-based input lag ensures you’ll never keep up against a player with more powerful hardware. But, at least, the campaign mode works well enough to recommend playing, even on the cloud.

Good luck if you’re up against console or PC players

On consoles, Halo Infinite multiplayer is a blast of a good time that’s only gotten better since 343 Industries fixed battle pass progression and added more game modes like Team Slayer and SWAT. I’m no Halo master, but I generally have a positive K/D ratio at the end of matches. But while playing Infinite over cloud gaming, even with an excellent connection, I can only consistently do well against bots or in casual modes like Fiesta.

Halo Infinite on xCloud mostly looks and performs great! But even minor input lag gives your opponents a major edge.

Visually, it looks smooth even when sprinting around. In combat, players’ shields lighting up when you hit them really helps on a smaller screen. On the other hand, the UI text was designed for larger screens, making it harder to check your ammo count at a glance. Moving your right stick to aim also proves much more difficult on a phone, as making small adjustments to target a foe can feel harder.

The true issue, unsurprisingly, is with input lag.

To give Microsoft and xCloud all the credit they deserve, input lag on Halo Infinite is minimal, whether you use a Bluetooth or USB-C controller. You quickly mentally adjust to the difference, where reacting to a foe’s movements takes slightly longer to manifest on screen. But against skilled opponents, or using the wrong weapons, you have no chance on the cloud when facing console or PC opponents.

Source: Michael Hicks / Android CentralMy decent score in this match mostly came from a sword killing spree; otherwise, I was outmatched.

Your easiest time is with spray-and-pray weapons like the Assault Rifle or Needler or power weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Gravity Hammer that require much less precision and timing. You can sort of aim where you want bullets to go and pull off a lucky kill. But good luck with a Battle Rifle; a foe can swerve back and forth headshotting you while you hopelessly try and fail to keep …….


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