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New Albany, United States, Dec. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

DexiKnights has been in beta and just one from Dexioprotocol’s line of proven next-generation products. Some of the other products from the Dexioprotocol brand, include the DEXI NFT Marketplace, DXG Game Emporium, DEXI Wallet, and Dexigas, which are all engineered to create a better, more streamlined, crypto-gaming experience in their gaming environment. DexiKnights is now in beta and is the start of the Dexioprotocol gaming ecosystem. Greg Gould, Chief Operating Officer of Dexioprotocol, in a Telegram interview for this announcement stated “DexiKnights is the first play-to-earn game released by the project. It’s in beta and updates are happening continuously but it marks the start of our game development phase. With the exception of the Smart Dexio Network, I would argue all the pieces have been set and we are now entering the fine-tuning and game launch phase of the project. DexiKnights uses the DXG Game Emporium, the second of our NFT marketplaces, where project-produced gear for the games can be purchased or sold.”

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Greg went on to describe the gear available for sale on the Dexioprotocol website. “The NFTs are “upgradeable,” meaning players can purchase and level them up in game, then turn around to sell later at a higher price. The Game Emporium follows the successful launch of our DexiMarketplace where user-generated NFTs can be minted and sold. All of which connects into the DEXI Wallet, which just had updates pushed for NFT collections to be viewed in-wallet.” Continuing Greg stated, “the DEXI Wallet will be instrumental later in Dexi Hunter as we will likely encourage users to link to that wallet for best security.” He also added, “Dexi Hunter is in a small beta right now: developers, influencers, team members. The game can be compared to Pokémon Go and we hope to capitalize on the phenomenon that created and so much more by capturing crypto, NFTs, QR codes from businesses, etc. The possibilities for partnerships and advertising in that space are limitless. Say a new coffee shop is opening across town, they can drop coupons in the space to generate traffic. NFT creators want to build their brand, they can drop their work for hunters to find thereby driving business back to the DexiMarketplace. The beta testing will expand over the next quarter to select cities, and the scheduled release date is currently set for Q2.”

Brian Layte, Chief Marketing Officer of the project, added “all of that are parts of the ever-growing Dexioprotocol ecosystem, all complementing each other.” Greg included, “the ecosystem will function as a unit and some of the almost unlimited power of the project is that we can forge partnerships with others within and out of the crypto space. Gaming is a tremendous way to reach a large population. But allowing nonfinancial companies to launch their own tokens on our network, to allow …….


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