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PlayStation’s holiday sale is feeding gamers well this year. A ton of titles have prices marked down, including games scooping up awards or that just came out. And since just about all of these are available on both the PlayStation 4 and 5, you won’t have to worry about missing out just because you couldn’t get your hands on one of those elusive next-generation consoles.

There are pages of games listed on the PlayStation Network’s holiday deals section, but these are some we think are the most notable.


Deathloop quickly gained interest when trailers first dropped ahead of the wave of next-generation consoles. It, unsurprisingly, features loop-based gameplay, stealth, and plenty of shooting. But Deathloop truly shines in its voice acting. Jason E. Kelley as protagonist Colt and Ozioma Akagha as antagonist Julianna are phenomenal as they play off each other in quippy banter. The ability to raid other players’ games as Julianna is also a fun twist that can up the ante. Circle back on this one for $29.99.

It Takes Two

If you’re spending the holidays with others, this might be the perfect time to grab It Takes Two if you haven’t already. It’s couch co-op gameplay is phenomenal and never wastes an opportunity to make use of that push, pull, and come together gameplay style. It’s on sale for $19.99 but less if you split it.

Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters went through quite the journey in Resident Evil Village. This generation of Resident Evil games emphasized horror, and Village delivered on that. Village also pays homage to fan-favorite entry Resident Evil 4 fairly often, but doesn’t lose its own campy identity. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a little horror this holiday. It’s priced at $29.99.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Set in its own universe with a unique plot from the Marvel cinematic universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy, this Eidos-Montréal is a bright spot in the Marvel gaming universe. If you’re still unsure, trust that it leans closer to Marvel’s Spider-Man than Marvel’s Avengers on the gaming scale. And it’s $38.99.

Far Cry 6

The latest Far Cry game might be fairly divisive …….


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