Save 20% on the AOC C27G2ZU, our best 240Hz gaming monitor pick – Rock Paper Shotgun

If you’re looking to upgrade your monitor and want something that’ll give you an edge in competitive multiplayer, the AOC C27G2ZU is currently down from £250 to £200 over at Amazon – a discount of 20%. This 27in, 1080p screen is notable for its blistering 240Hz max refresh rate, and is our pick for the best 240Hz gaming monitor.

The reasons for this are outlined in Katharine’s review from last year, wherein she praised the monitor’s elegantly curved panel and vibrant display, which provides a fantastic picture straight out of the box. “There was very little need to fiddle around with any of its settings in its onboard menu system to try and get a better picture,” she wrote.

Another big plus is the monitor’s support for both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, helping you smooth out and eliminate screen tearing regardless of which graphics card you own. Katherine also found AOC’s monitor includes a great selection of ports, and that it delivers top picture quality out of the box, without extra fiddling with settings.

Then of course, there’s that 240Hz refresh rate, intended to provide a liquid smooth and hyper-responsive display that’s ideal for playing fast-paced multiplayer games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends. This does come at a cost, however. The limit to 1920×1080 resolution means that the C27G2ZU won’t look as sharp as a 1440p monitor of the same size.

Hence, if you’d prefer extra sharpness to hyper speed, you may want to look elsewhere – perhaps check out our list of the best gaming monitor deals for a more suitable screen. That said, at £199 the C27G2ZU is an excellent monitor for its purpose. Indeed, Katharine considered it a good buy at its original RRP of £300, so down to this latest price, it’s even more of a bargain.


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