Taking the Lead: US Air Force Veteran and Gamer Brandon Sivret Heads the Gaming Metaverse Original Gamer Life as Chief Executive Officer – WFMZ Allentown

TOKYO, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Original Gamer Life or OGLife, the Thriving-as-a-Service social impact gaming ecosystem, proudly announces retired US Air Force Major Brandon Sivret as the new OGLife Chief Executive Officer. The OGLife multiverse is powered by, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company, and the first project incubated under TkyoLabs.

Brandon Sivret is a retired US Air Force Major where he established a career culminating as an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance subject matter expert and joint operational planner. He served as a deployed Director of Operations for an Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron and a liaison to the US Army, NATO, GCC, and the Office of then US Vice President Joe Biden during two combat deployments.

Brandon, a 13-year veteran, also serves as the executive officer of, a community of almost 5,000 current and former US Military focusing on video games to provide assistance with benefits, PTSD and other issues. Brandon is also an avid gamer and an independent game developer. He also owns and operates a retail game store in El Paso, Texas selling and hosting a variety of games like Warhammer 40K, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons.

“OGLife is our entry into the gaming space as a collection of metaverses we’re affectionately dubbing our multiverse. OGLife reflects our collective passion for gaming connecting our users as the Original Gamers to their avatars and characters as they explore a multitude of metaverses. We are on a mission to bring 3 billion gamers into the crypto space while ensuring users focus on the most important part of the game, themselves. Our health and wellness, social impact, Play-to-Thrive model is our contribution to the growing focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance concepts. Playing games is a passion of mine and I’ve been running gaming communities my whole life. I am very happy to wake up every morning and get to work with the OGL team,” Sivret said.

Brandon Sivret initially served as the General Manager of Original Gamer Life before taking on the role of CEO. He is also the VP of Operations for Recently, OGLife is gearing up for their upcoming initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) in the coming weeks. The final details of the launch date and launchpads will be posted soon.

“OGLife is open to gamers from all walks of life. We are building a positive environment and experience where we celebrate gaming and what it can do for one’s health and wellness. In OGLife, we are on a mission to serve communities of gamers to help them thrive,” Sivret said.

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Original Gamer Life or OGLife is a Thriving-as-a-Service (TaaS) social impact ecosystem open to all gamers. OGLife is the first incubated project powered by the Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company StrongNode……..


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