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The end of a year is a good time to sit, think and reflect on what a year it has been and what we hope 2023 will bring so here’s some of what I want and what I think could happen.

I actually wrote a wishlist for the Steam Deck back in October, and funnily enough pretty much every single point there is still valid right now. Some points have had minor work but most of it hasn’t been touched. I hope Valve are reading, because all of those points are what I regularly see people moan and gripe about too.

What else though for the wider picture?

Neon Prime. Come on Valve, we need a new game from you. A proper one, not another (while very cool) Aperture Desk Job. We had the trademark registration for Neon Prime and leaker / data miner Tyler McVicker thinks it’s close to release. What the heck is it? I’m overly keen to find out. With good cross-platform support across Linux desktop, Steam Deck and Windows it could be an easy hit if it’s a good multiplayer game like it’s expected to be.

– For publishers to actually stop forcing Launchers on us. Don’t make me beg. Have you ever met someone who said “heck yeah, the EA App!” or “oh lovely, the 2K launcher” in any kind of serious way? No you haven’t — no one has. They almost always add nothing of value, break things constantly (not just on Linux / Steam Deck) and they’re just a great big nuisance. I would like for them to just go away, forever. Throw them in the bin. Get them in the sea, just far away from me.

Valve Deckard. We know from a lot of details going out, that Valve seem to be working on a new VR HMD, one that should be both portable and able to connect up to a PC. It will likely run Linux for the portable mode, hence all their work on Linux (not just for Steam Deck). Gimme. Seriously. The Valve Index is great, but it’s also overly bulky and really Valve haven’t actually done all that much with it, especially on the Linux side where they’ve seemingly ignored Index support for some time now and the experience is less than stellar. I have high hopes that the Deckard will be a big improvement in many ways.

Steam Deck Refresh. Look, the Steam Deck is fantastic overall but it could be better. It’s not time yet for a Steam Deck 2, Valve said it themselves that they want to keep the main internals (CPU/GPU) the same to have a good point for developers and gamers but they want to focus on the screen and battery life. So do it. Towards the end of 2023, I would be surprised if we didn’t have a confirmation that a nice refresh was on the way for this. The battery life being the biggest gripe people seem to talk about would hopefully get wiped off the table. Having it a bit lighter somehow would …….


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